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Gorbal Natalia

In 1993 she graduated from Kyiv State University by T.G. Shevchenko and received a diploma in "Law."

In 1996 - 1997 years passed training in First Kyiv regional state notary.

Since 1997 she has been working a private notaryus in Kiev city.

 The Certificate to the right on carring of the notarial activity № 2472 issued on November 14, 1996 by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

 The Registration certificate about registration of private notarial activity № 141 issued on February 3, 1997 by the Department of Justice in Kiev.

Rich experience of working as a notary for over 15 years and deep knowledge in the field of law allow Horbal N.O. choose the best ways to solve your problem. Notary provides skilled  notarial services as to physical and legal persons.

Appealing to the notarial office of Horbal N.O., you can be assured that you will get a qualified help to protect your rights and interests in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. Due to the rather large experience in the sphere of notarial activities and deep understanding of legal issues, service of notary include not only to accomplish of notarial actions but also legal advising of clients.

All notarial actions are accomplished in and out of the office. If you need notarial services out of the office ( in home, in hospital or in your office), you can order these services of notary in the notarial office of Horbal N.O..

Nataliya values the clients and considers that services of notary should be given in maximally short term. Preparing to the notarial action and  accomplish comes true in comfortable for clients time.You can be written down on a reception to the notary by phone or to leave an internet-request on the web-site of notary. Preparation of documents a notary can do in advance, you only need to send the necessary data to e-mail or bring documents to the office of a notary. Also you can ask the notary through the Internet.



Questions to the notary

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