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An acceptance of money On a Deposit For a transmission to the Creditor

The service is provided at the place of performance

Action Required:

1. apply arbitrary content, which report the debt with maturity expired; reason you can not pay the debt to the creditor directly, notify the creditor data. If this individual: last name, first name, ID, passport details, address registration, if the creditor entity - name, code, place of registration.

2. Submit the calculation of debt (perhaps directly in the text of statement)

3. transfer the amount you want to transfer, to a special account to deposit transactions: account number 26207002027345  in PJSC "First Investment Bank", Kyiv  MFO 300506

Code: 2555009087, payment purpose - making debt deposit to transfer to the creditor's name, registration number, registration card Taxpayer

4. pay the notarial service.

Notary accepts money on deposit only for transmission to the creditor. Return to the debtor only possible with the consent of the creditor or by the court. Since the issuance of such receipts notary taking money (Ministry of Justice established form) is that the commitment made properly and the debt extinguished.

Required documents:

passport applicant code, application, document, confirming commitment

Cost: 1% of the amount to be transferred, + 500.00 UAH.

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  • An acceptance of money On a Deposit For a transmission to the Creditor