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Mortgage contract

Fees for notarization - 1000 UAH.

Additionally, the parties pay:
1. 0.01% of the contract - payment equal to the amount of duty;
2. 100 hryvnia - extract value from the registry that no tax pledge;
3. 150 UAH - consent of the spouse (if necessary);
Due to the fact that since January 1, 2013 notary acts as a registrar in the State register of real rights to immovable property, the additional services are paid for registration in the State register of real rights to immovable property. The charges ohovoryuyetsya extra.
Required documents:
similar to the contract plus the collateral certificate f. № 3 of the Housing Department (the registered persons) in residential mortgage real estate
Price: on request
Other servies in category  Of collateral (mortgage)